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Bankers Healthcare Group offers financing solutions

Entrepreneurs need to be able to have access to capital if they are going to make their ideas turn into reality. Similarly, professionals and established companies must have access to capital and financing options in order to excel, expand, and become more successful in the future. This is nowhere more true of companies and professionals than it is in the healthcare industry, which is incredibly expensive. The healthcare industry can be costly in terms of maintaining a practice, expanding one, or launching one to begin with. Bankers Healthcare Group offers financing solutions to those professionals who are in need of capital. This is a national organization that offer a wide range of financing solutions. Bankers Healthcare Group was founded in 1992 and has experienced a good deal of success. Inc. Magazine’s has named Bankers Healthcare Group on its list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies list for seven of the last eight years. Bankers Healthcare Group works solely with professionals and companies in the healthcare industry in order to be able to more accurately address the needs of their clients.

The National Dental Association recently appointed Bankers Healthcare Group’s Chief Relations Officer, Al Canal, as the Chair of their Committee on Vender and Partner Enhancement. This is another major step in the cooperation between the National Dental Association and Bankers Healthcare Group, who have a longstanding partnership.

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